Monday, December 14, 2009


Now! An over-the-top-award, graciously accepted from Katharine. These are like the "viral" surveys that get all over Facebook really so I'll answer a quick bunch of questions with ONE word and break the nomination of five people rule because I'm not going to stick to rules that might annoy friends or pry. Let fun commence:

1. Where is your cell phone?

In my pocket (doh! three words)

2. Your hair?

All over my body. Doh! Do you mean what colour is it? That dark brown colour that 90% of people have. Also Doh! Again because I'm using all my words up on this one question. I'll be good from now on.

3. Your mother?


4. Your father?


5. Your favorite food?


6. Your dream last night?

I was in the England football team, a striker on trial with David Beckham in goal. We both did well and I made the Beijing (yes) Olympic team but I panicked a bit because I didn't have a passport. I'm not sporty and don't like football much, so I don't know why I dreamed such a thing.

7. Your favorite drink?


8. Your dream/goal?


9. What room are you in?

Bedroom/workroom/studio/study/lab etc.

10. Your hobby?


11. Your fear?

Everything. Or nothing.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?

Dead but happy. Like Saint Sebastian.

13. Where were you last night?

That would be telling.

14. Something that you aren't?

Ummm.... decisive?

15. Muffins?

Mind your language.

16. Wish list item?


17. Where did you grow up?


18. Last thing you did?

Typed this.

19. What are you wearing?

My painter's uniform, sans beret.

20. Your TV?

I don't watch it.

21. Your Pets?


22. Friends?


23. Your life?


24. Your mood?

Ca va.

25. Missing Someone?


26. Vehicle?


27. Something you're not wearing?

Fez and pince-nez.

28. Your favorite store?

ie. shop. Wilkinsons.

29. Your favorite colour?


30. When was the last time you laughed?

August 14th 1982 at 7:39pm, 1.24 chortles. I'm joking.

31. Last time you cried?

Ten mins ago.

32. Your best friend?


33. One place that I go to over and over?


34. Facebook?

Now a memory.

35. Favorite place to eat?

Venice. I think it would taste of ice cream.

C'est la!


PAMO said...

Mark- your sense of humor is just way cool- and I really do say it just like that sometimes- way cool- so just believe it and move on. I laughed so hard about your dream- it completely tells me you have a wonderful imagination. Glad you didn't stick to one word answers- I enjoyed every word of it.

Kathy said...

Mark ... I see that we have the same favorite beverage! Hmmm... must fuel the creativity. Funny answers :)