Saturday, December 19, 2009

Plaster 2

Plaster 2

The second lot of casting for the "Transmittance of Pity" painting didn't work! The results were better than before however. There were two main problems. Firstly I sandwiched the plaster between two sheets of plastic, one flexible one solid. The flexible one was easy to peel off, but the solid one tended to stick to the plaster, making it hard to separate without cracking. Secondly the card parts of the foamboard absorbed the water in the plaster, sticking it to the edges. I could try to waterproof the card, or put some vaseline on it (thanks Kathy!). A new moulding material would be useful though, or I could try to make a mould from the positives I've already cut. I have some latex for that.

This test was better than the others though. The surface was level and very smooth, there were no raised edges or lumps. The thickness was even and consistent, the air bubbles inconsequential. Generally it was a good test, and one or two of the more robust shapes were good enough to use. The difficult "mirror", the important and most difficult curly part of the painting will have to be recast though.


John Salmon said...

Hi Mark, you used to be able to get a low melting point rubber for candle making. Maybe that's the latex you referred to.

Thanks for your blog note to me. I'm fine. Just needed some time out for other interests. Keep well and I hope you have a peaceful and restful break over the Christmas period.

Kathy said...

It's interesting to learn about your experiments, Mark. But, I wanted to ask about how you formulate your titles. They're very imaginative and I like the way you put together seemingly unrelated words to create a new meaning.

Mark Sheeky said...

Hi John, good to hear from you. The latex I've got is more like copydex, it's liquid and you paint over a model and it forms a rubber skin that becomes the mould.

And hi Kathy :) I'm not really sure I formulate the titles. At best the titles are just "there" jumping into my head in an instant at the same time as the picture. Sometimes I'll just describe the picture while giving a clue to what it means; like the idiotic gardener cheerily planting flowers on the moon. As far as "unrelated words" are concerned, I seem to do that naturally. You're describing surrealism exactly. This is a desire to be different and shy away from the obvious, fear of doing the expected. Stubbornness. Offer me chocolate ice cream and I'll ask for strawberry, offer either and I'll ask for mint, or just coffee, or a lump of wax, poison, an atom bomb, a bee, a cloud made of the smell of summer etc. etc. everything as different and unexpected and recalcitrant and damned awkward as possible!!!! and ! I can't help it. There is no "process" just a chain of thought.

Kathy said...

Good for you, Mark! Your nonconformist ways are leading you to greater creativity. Go for it!