Saturday, December 05, 2009


Music work again today and the boring task of uploading tracks (big ones) and cutting and folding CD artwork. I found some of the original printing I ordered for my first two CD's Synaesthesia, and The Incredible Journey, from 2002. Those haven't been on my website for years, so I decided to remedy that and am preparing the downloads and have put together some limited editions of the CDs.

Actually all my CD copies are limited because I tend to order twenty sets of the artwork and have yet to sell more than three of any, but I have faith. My confidence in my art makes me know more than ever that one day people will want to hear it. Even if not, even if I knew categorically that nobody would hear my music I think it's better to make it available than record it here and only listen to it myself. One of my fears is being flooded with orders one day but I'll worry about that when it happens.

Enough rambling!

Synaesthesia was my first attempt as an "album" or suite of music and dates back to the early 1990's. This is actually version three (version one is on tape and there are only two copies). It was hard to get the technology to work, basically my old PC was really slow and I used the first incarnation of my music software to write it, "Noisestation 1" which had no reverb effects and a very "clean" digital sound. I had cheap hi-fi speakers to do all the balancing too, but it's fine artistically.

The Incredible Journey was released the same year and was more of a mish-mash of tunes, including some from a huge game I was planning called "The Heart of Aorkhan". I'm using lots of quotes today aren't I!? Anyway, that game was the one that made me give up writing big games, the one that made me decide to try new things which is why in 2002 I set up my sound effects website IndieSFX, my game review website Bytten, my game website Cornutopia, released two music albums, wrote 150 poems, etc. etc. Everything started that year, apart from painting.

Now I AM rambling. This blog entry is the sort of email I'd write to my friend Andrew, my pen-pal and friend for about fifteen years, although we've only met twice. For perhaps a decade he was my only friend.

Tomorrow I must upload more tracks. While the computer ticks over I'll paint another study. Tick tick! Synaesthesia, The Incredible Journey, and the new one The Infinite Forest will be available by mp3 download for £5.99 and CD for £12.99 inc. postage.

If it's night then have a good night, and if it's day then have a good day dear reader!


Kathy said...

Hi Mark, I listened to a few clips from your CD's and am impressed by your musical creativity. The digital age in music (and the visual arts) has always interested me, but I haven't engaged in it. You link music to art, just like Kandinsky! Coooo.

Mark Sheeky said...

There is a definite connection between the different arts; dance, poetry, music, painting, sculpture. In some way they all try to transliterate the same "higher form". It's odd how certain art genres only occur in one medium though. The only genuinely surrealist music I can recall hearing was an organ piece by Messiaen. How he wrote that I don't know!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I have to say, I like it. You are multi creative!