Thursday, December 31, 2009


I awoke late, mainly because I awoke early, at 4am after dreaming I was in a bed made of vertical rhubarb stalks. It was a communal bed and someone was with me. An old man who was partly Polish tried to get into the bed and I didn't want that so I hit him with a rhubarb stalk. This was considered rude, so I stopped. The scene shifted and I was invited into a sports car, to be chauffeured. I awoke then with amazing feelings of positivity and energy, so much so that I want to abandon all of my negative painting ideas and began new positive ones. I took the opportunity to sketch down lots of new ideas, and in some cases came up with positive versions of earlier negative ideas. One unpainted idea, for example, was a man turned to stone by a cacophony of gigantic medusa's, like buildings that intimidate and snub the man. That was about perceived lack of success as an artist, I sketched the positive reflection of this idea; a giant man turning a puppet medusa to stone.

I fell asleep again at around 7am, and dreamed of many things including a bishop who liked my paintings and wanted to commission me, and a hunt for blue gemstones which were located in a puzzle world, each needing clues to track down.

To work! I'll try to complete the plans and sketch The Hopelessness today. I've decided to paint in January. I need to get some of my planned paintings painted.


PAMO said...

Turning the negative into positive, finding positive in the negative- the artist journey. Hope, fear, anxiety- then hope again.

Kathy said...

I'mfascinated by your ability to utilize so much of your subconscious, even through your dreams! When I think about life in terms of "positive" or "negative" I also consider it from the scientific viewpoint. Most of the substances in our universe are formed through the electrical attraction of positively and negatively charged particles (cations and anions). If only one charge existed (let's say anions) there would be no planets - no Earth - no humans. It is the coexistence of the positive and negative that's important. Happy New Year!!

Mark Sheeky said...

Less of the "even" dreams Kathy :) I'm sure our brains are just as active when asleep, so those thoughts just as intellecual and important as waking ones. Without trying to remember my dreams I'd have lost a lot of wonderful ideas, and a lot of wonderful experiences. Onward! To positive horizons! And the salad and salmon I must prepare!