Wednesday, January 13, 2010

He's a Fairy Feller

Art Support today. I'll be attending the Book Shop in Nantwich tomorrow morning at 10:00 for some photographs of the exhibition there for the Crewe and Nantwich Chronicle. After that I'll do more work on "Transmittance".

Today I did a quick colour test for the second of the "love trilogy" of paintings I want to paint later in the year. One monthly goal is to have all three planned out by February. The third one isn't drawn or planned at all beyond the tiny idea sketch so it will be a challenge. I'm managing to write one poem per day though, so that goal remains on track.

I spoke at length to a new member of my art group who understands my pictures exactly! That's a rare thing, in fact I've not found anyone like that so far. I remembered that she talked about a painting The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke by Richard Dadd, a painting that I became fascinated by last year and aim to repaint.

Dadd was, by this stage, officially insane although his work seems to indicate complete sanity. I'm not sure it's possible for an artist of such calibre to be insane, and this theory is proved right because the picture is unfinished, thus the insane parts of the picture are the unfinished parts, indicating that Dadd possessed about 92% sanity, at that point. I think he killed his father with the other 8%. My picture aims to be a psychoanalysis of Richard Dadd. I've just had a the thought that I'll probably have to get this planned fully in February!

No time to waste then.

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