Saturday, January 23, 2010

Music Day Two

More music today. Better progress. I had a headache at 1pm which indicates that my frontal lobes are rearranging themselves to prepare for music, a good sign! One of the key benefits of creating in multiple disciplines is that it keeps the mind flexible and open to new ideas. As such this music will help my painting, and vice versa.

As with painting, the key is to visualise before writing, and recently I've been using the same methods for writing music as for painting; to invent the concept first and determine the mood. The mood seems to appear easily but the melody is more difficult. At the moment I'm writing that late at night and using the production to determine the mood but I don't think that is ideal. My melodies also have a tendency to be short and repetitive, and not as cyclic and floating as they could be.

These methods are all relatively new to me. For Animalia I'd often write the music, then when I was happy with the production, think of what it sounded like then modify the music to suit. Only the more recent tracks, such as Seed To Field To Seed or Acorn To Oak on The Twelve Seasons, had definite ideas before the music was written.

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