Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pandorean Dreams

I've had two Pandorean dreams recently which have disturbed me.

Last night's involved a moth in a car. A life-form detection system showed that a car had three life-forms inside when there were two passengers. My only conclusion was that the car itself was alive, a Transformer. I began to cut up the car to make it show itself, then in the back near the floor I saw a moth masking an alien spacecraft, a Krellian invasion ship containing millions of aliens ready to invade our space. I recognised that it was the culprit and the memory of how it got there magically appeared. I then flashed back to a quiz show years earlier in which I was Hugh Dennis. I detected the invasion plot before it was a danger and I decided to hide the aliens inside a caterpillar and erase every one's memory of the incident. Now, a fool had accidentally moved the moth and uncovered the pupae, reawakening the aliens and making the invasion inevitable. I knew that my actions from years before were only ever going to delay the terrible invasion, and so I became resigned to my fate.

That was not so frightening as a similarly themed nightmare from a few days earlier. To cut a long story short an innocent bystander had accidentally released lots of monsters that I had under control. I had no choice but to accept their escape even though I knew that it meant the end of the world.


hwfarber said...

Your dreams are really complicated and you remember so many details--impressive. Do you write them down immediately after waking?

Kathy said...

Hallie took the words right out of my mouth! I'd like to know, too.

Mark Sheeky said...

In this case the alarm woke me up halfway though which made it easy to remember. Sometimes I make quite notes on paper or even sketches but not as a rule. I think about and analyse my dreams a lot which makes it easier to recall them.