Saturday, January 16, 2010


For the next few days I'll be planning a new picture, currently entitled The Rationalisation and Mastery of Love. It contains a large mix of elements, some clay models, some computer models, human figures, elements abstracted from source images and improvisations. I think it helps to retain some free elements that can be added to a painting later, but sticking to the original feeling and concept, as noted in the initial idea sketch, is crucial if homogeneity of message is to be preserved.

The first stage was to construct a model like that in the mental image I had. The colours were fleshy on a sky blue background. The column is a rock, a lighthouse but also a unicorn's horn, and is the primary focus of the picture. The scene itself to me is a figure. In many ways these sculptures are 3D versions of my paintings and doodles.

Model in plasticine. This shows a detail section. The lighting came from two sources, both bright white L.E.D. lights, which can create lots of focused brightness.

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