Monday, January 18, 2010

RBSA Friends

Today I had planned to book the train tickets and pack the work for the RBSA Friends exhibition, one of two events for "friends" of the gallery they hold each year. In the end I decided against it because the event lasts only 9 days and the costs involved would have been quite large, about £45 for the transport and up to £50 for hanging fees. I suspect that many less people enter the Friends exhibitions than the month long Opens (which cost the same, but a month is longer than a week). There is an Open Exhibition in March so I'll hold off until then I think.


Kathy said...

Mark, one day you'll have to educate me (an American) about your system of exhibitions. Sounds different from what we do here. Do you have to pay fees? Are these all juried exhibitions? What's the selection process? I'm curious.

Mark Sheeky said...

Everywhere is different. Typically for a juried competition/exhibition you would pay a submission fee per painting, hand in the work and if judged good enough it will be hanged, with any resulting sales having a commission deducted, say 30%. For the RBSA, you'd normally pay a submission fee, then if selected pay an additional hanging fee. "Friends" pay an annual amount and get access to lots of tutorials and classes (often free) and exemption from the submission fee (but not the hanging fee). The hanging fee is £12 or £20 depending on the size of the work so that can still be expensive.

For setting up your own events local government venues like libraries and museums often have no fee and typically charge about 30% commission, but might need an application and approval from the manager(s).

National exhibitions like the Royal Academy might charge £50 per picture and take 40%, but have a host of big prizes for the lucky few.

Kathy said...

Thanks for explaining this to me, Mark. There are some similarities with the USA. Recently, however, government money for the arts isn't as readily available.