Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Exhibition Preparation

It's my solo exhibition hanging on Friday (with the opening that night) so I've spent an exhausting day in preparation. Many pictures didn't have eyes of high enough quality so I refitted them, which is a complex feat due to the design on my frames. One picture lacks the correct fittings completely and I'll have to do some drilling tomorrow to fit the necessary batons. After that, all is ready. I've carried the forty or so paintings downstairs in preparation.

In other news three of my paintings, and many more from other members of my art group, are now on sale in a new art shop called "Picture This..." in Dagfields craft centre near Nantwich. The new original art stall has been set up by Julie Prosser, and features pictures of all styles. It's the first shop to display my work.

I've not done much creative work today, but I've posted a picture of the underpainting I completed yesterday, the portrait of Andrew, version 2. Sorry I'm too tired to do my daily blog watch tonight. Have a nice morning, day, afternoon, evening and night everyone.


Kathy said...

Terrific underpainting, Mark! This will be another masterpiece. Congratulations on your gallery events, and try to get some rest after Friday. I'll be there in spirit. Please take pictures to show us.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Mark! With your hard work and dedication- I know you'll do well.

hwfarber said...

Enjoy your opening. Then take Kathy's advice and get some rest.