Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Butterflies Study

Some colour study painting today. I wanted to do three but the first and arguably most simple took longer than expected, that was for the Wales painting.

This is the second, a picture called Happy Butterflies. I didn't like the red curl shape on the far right and experimented with alternatives; violet, and oranges, but in the end I decided that black (near black) was the best option for symbolic reasons. It just felt perfect. The looks were entirely secondary.

As with most of the studies I paint these are just the underpainting colours, and so can often be quite different from the final pictures. I tend to use cobalt turquoise for blues for example, so violet shades are revealed only during glazing. These are all earth colours or metal oxides. To paint studies quickly I scan my underdrawing into the computer, then print onto thick white card. Those are glued to a solid board then primed with acrylic medium, then acrylic gesso to make a non-absorbant surface that's relatively quick and easy to make.


Kathy said...

Your methods are always innovative, and I haven't heard of this approach before. Fascinating.

Mark Sheeky said...

I used to trace miniature versions but this is faster. The downside is that it's more work to paint these studies. It's only really in the last year that I've started to do it for every picture.