Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Infinite Tiredness Of Ageing

The day began with trumpets then, for a while, slowly languished in the melancholic strings of worry before violins took hold and trumpets once again rang out! Today I underpainted The Infinite Tiredness Of Ageing, a picture assuredly destined for eternal greatness. The colours were simple; red ochre, naples yellow deep, black, white. I've made a small change to the picture after taking this photo, which shows that a blog can help improve a painting! I changed some shading on the dripping "fleece" type object on the limping horn. See how it looks a bit disjointed in this image.

Tick tick tick! I've got lots to do in the next five days and painting this in one day has helped everything.


Kathy said...

A "timely" post, indeed. Today is my birthday and your snail slowly crawling down a steep, barren slope pretty much sums it up for me!

The Scrybe said...

I too can relate to the snail :)

PAMO said...

Happy Birthday Kathy!
Love it Mark! I'm tired- I can relate. The snail could be a painting by itself.
Truly- your work is stunning.

-Don said...

NIce job. I especially like the confidence you are exuding in the execution of this piece. Keep it going!


Mark Sheeky said...

Aw Kathy I'm sure you're an upwardly moving snail! I hope you had a nice birthday.

Thanks for the comments everyone. The day I painted that was a good one.