Monday, March 29, 2010

Nine Ladies 2

I've been a bit sad today as my throat infection seems to have returned despite completing a course of antibiotics. Back to the docs I think.

In the mean time I've made hay while my sun shines and have cut a few frames for existing paintings; the tower of bees, remembering summer, a Persian palace, the first portrait of Andrew Williams, the Hell is... picture, and a few others. I'll also make one for the Transmittance of Pity soon.

I have also made the basic model for a second version of my Nine Ladies painting. This uses Claydium air dried clay, and it behaves a bit like oil painting because it gradually sets while being used and is dry a few days later. Tomorrow I'll paint some studies. My next painting might just be the big one for the M.O.M.A. Wales competition, so I'll need a study of that at least.


Kathy said...

Geez - illness doesn't slow you down at all! Wish I had your stamina. Take care and get well soon.

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks Kathy. I think it'll take as long to get well whether I work or not, so I'll simply stick to the plan!