Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Death Of Man

Underpainting The Death of Man today, and good work. I decided to liquify the colours a little more than usual and add a drop of clove oil in an attempt to stop the blacks from drying overnight. With luck I will finish tomorrow. I'm very happy that I'm unhappy with the Wales picture. It's imperfections have galvanised my resolve and make me reconcentrate my efforts towards superior painting. I feel that I'm back on track. Soon, some big changes are coming for me and I can see the destineic ray to hand. Painting the destineic ray is inevitable also! But that can wait. I have far enough to paint, and like a monk will carefully and with due contemplation paint each thing in turn.

Enough rambling! I've answered my own question from days earlier; I must remain committed to the attainment of quality before I think about quantity.

In exhibition news I've got two pictures exhibiting at Marbury over the weekend, and two more at Dagfields Craft Centre.


Kathy said...

Congratulations on your two exhibits! It's woderful that you have so many opportunities and venues to show your work. I'd be curious to know what sort of dialogue has developed about your paintings since you show them so much. I'd think that the public has taken notice and has ideas.

hwfarber said...

I await the painting of the destineic ray. What the heck is it? I can only guess and Google was no help.

I imagine a long glowing tentacle tapping you on the head.

Mark Sheeky said...

On public reaction; Generally people seem to like my paintings, that's all I can say. One local psychiatric group meets weekly and has analysed my calendar at least twice, so something must be stimulating someone!

Hallie, you might be right. In fact if you imagine that then it IS right! Sometimes an invisible beam, moving though space at light speed, will hit someone and everything in an instant changes. I expect everyone is hit once in a life. That is the destineic ray, and to hold a gun that fires one is a moment of control and confidence indeed!

hwfarber said...

If someone allows you to play with that gun, let me know. I might want to duck and cover.

My ray gun only makes sparks.