Monday, May 31, 2010


Remembering Summer is done, well this layer is. I will probably add more. The arched frame will cause new delights of experimentation but I'll probably just make a rectangular one and black off the corners somehow.

I'm so much more pleased with this picture that the previous version. It has taken considerably longer, but it has made me realise and reset a new balance between underpainting and glazing. Up until now each task has taken an equal amount of time, with each picture, generally speaking, being glazed all over. Now I'm entering a third technical period where I put much more into the underpainting.

I don't mind taking time on a painting but I don't want to work on one or two a year. A balance must be struck; not least because more paintings and more experimentation equates to more learning. For the first ten years, learning should be the primary goal of an artist.

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