Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The End Of Summer

The glazing on Remembering Summer is done. On technical grounds I'm not happy with this picture for many reasons but overall it's acceptable. There were several challenges to overcome and a few new things learned. I'll frame it this month and scan it later.

Next I'll paint some more underpaintings, perhaps the portraits or The Death Of Man. The planning and composition of a picture should take the longest time, then the underpainting. Each glazing layer should take less and less time, until you sign it in no time at all! The longest time spent painting should be underpainting. I must heed my own advice well.


Kathy said...

Although it's difficult to evaluate from this angle and small format, I can't see anything troubling about your painting. Conceptually, it's rich. Technically, it looks good. Keep going!

hwfarber said...

For some reason, this reminds me of "Cold Lazarus."

It looks good to me.

Anonymous said...

A truly interesting piece Mark. I hope you're feeling better and I enjoyed your short film a few posts ago. I'll have a new blog url soon- so I'll let you know. I had a little incident with Mr. Google and he won. That's why I haven't been around lately- but I have been checking in without comments. I always like seeing what you are up to. Take care!

Mark Sheeky said...

Cold Lazarus; well spotted Hallie! for me the poem was essentially about an old man recalling a summer of youth and past love, so that's about right. I'm not happy with the finish and some of the colours don't gel or appear a little flat, but these "imperfections" all at once have made me focus yet more on future paintings.

I feel really well now thanks Pam. I can't imagine how you upset Mr. G but I look forward to seeing your new blog when it's up.