Thursday, May 20, 2010


Over the past few days I've finalised the underdrawing for the second version of Remembering Summer. The composition is largely the same as in the first version but I've got rid of the awkward fitting figures and used some brilliant silent film images instead. The resolution of these images is poor, so drawing them is an excellent test of my skills and good practise. I've been drawing the outlines of arms and fingers of the figure below (the image is shown in its full resolution).

For the large part the outlines don't even exist, which makes it a good test for the imagination and visual memory. Drawing well requires imagination for just that reason; when drawing, imaginary invisible lines criss cross everything.

I transferred the drawing to the panel yesterday and finished my leafy frame. Sadly the red leaves were too overpowering for the subtle dark picture so I stripped them off, leaving the frame embossed with leaves and shiny black like Japanese lacquer.

Today I've stained the frame for the Nine Ladies and began glazing The Infinite Tiredness Of Ageing. That will be completed tomorrow, and I'll have to do the gilding for the Wales picture too, which for the first time will use two metals. More painting over the weekend, a delivery on Sunday, and a new film to be made on Monday. Busy bee bee bee!


Kathy said...

You ARE a busy bee! Too bad the leaves didn't work out; it was a neat idea. I agree with you about drawing - it's a necessary skill. I took years and years of drawing courses in college and decided that if I could draw then I could paint.

Sheila said...

I love the ladies of the Silent Movie Era. Being a Renaissance Man has you being very busy!