Thursday, May 27, 2010

Remembering Summer Continues

A good day, filled with ideas and optimism. Progress on the painting is slow but the results are better than before and so speed is unimportant.

My horoscope mentions the arrival of a "Eureka!" moment and so today I've been seeking one, and have found many! I changed the colour of the floor area of my painting, and upon erasing to repaint covered the area with myriad micro dots of dust, annoying. I did the same with the floor to the left, but there I had the idea of using masking tape first to remove the dust; eureka! The painting itself was as smooth as ever but began rather stodgy because I used yesterday's paint. I remixed new paint but kept the old paint so I could match exactly; eureka! I also discovered that my new medium is making everything so much easier. I wish I'd used it before now and feel I could have saved weeks or months of my life spent labouring over pictures with difficult porridges of paint. You need the best paint to create the best paintings. That is eureka three! Then I thought of using blu-tack to remove paint and surface dust in an accurate and exact way, more adhesive and convenient than traditional bread dough; eureka!

I'm too tired to write more. Now I shall rest.


John Salmon. said...

Very expressive face on your figure there Mark. Where's the "like" button.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Mark! Your paintings are always so well executed.