Sunday, May 02, 2010

Remembering Summer

Joy! A full day's painting! I'm glazing "Remembering Summer". It might take three days, or five or six. Let's see.

My goals for this month are; finish this, finish the Nine Ladies, underpaint one big picture (perhaps Gethsemane, my most complex but not largest painting) and one other, perhaps The Death of Man. Anything else is a bonus.


Kathy said...

Oils? If so, do you add a drying agent so you may add a new layer of glaze each day? I'm curious about your technique, and happy to know that you're feeling better!

Mark Sheeky said...

Oils, but I don't paint the entire picture in one day, it's too big. I did the sky, the painting, horns, sea, and tentacles today. I'll work on other parts tomorrow.

I don't ever use driers, that's a rule of mine. That said sometimes yesterday's work is dry, depending on the pigments used. I paint very thinly!

Kathy said...

Interesting! I add drying agents to my oils so I may work more rapidly, so I was curious about how you're doing this. Thanks for explaining.