Monday, August 09, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

I've had a busy and productive day today, designing the posters and invites for my next solo exhibition in Crewe in October. My music CDs will be on sale there this time, and to celebrate this I've decided to release a new compilation CD that features tracks from the past eight years and eleven albums. The CD will be called "Once upon a time...", so I also took time today to design the cover (which didn't take long, I pasted together a few source images a from a trip to Shrewsbury park last week, then added a figure made of clouds from my painting The Lightning Of Creation).

I'll also add some new and/or unreleased music to the album, and have this evening been finalising a fast paced action tune called Lightning Run, which I began on the 22nd of January!

In other music news, my recent rather ambient and experimental album Pi is now on iTunes (it's also available from my website in mp3 and FLAC formats). I'm hoping to write lots of new music before the year is out.

For the time being I'll continue preparation for the Cubby Hole exhibition, then painting plans for a new picture, The Final Escape of the Psychological Cosmonaut.


-Don said...

Cool CD cover!


Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks Don. It's amazing how much artwork is needed for a CD, and not much time is left for actual creativity when you've got printing layouts to contend with!