Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paper Moons

I feel like I'm making a good recovery and I'm definitely in a positive frame of mind. I haven't done much today but I did spend some time making two papier maché moons for the Cubby Hole exhibition in two weeks. I don't know what Don uses but I used flour and water, heated and stirred in a pan to make the glue. The result was delightfully slimy. My original idea was to make one using two halfs of ball, but when I got sticking I thought that coating the entire ball and later cutting in half and peeling or somehow unsticking the paper could work. I rubbed the balls in baby oil first so that might help with the demoulding process. It would have been useful for me to note where the valve was so I could deflate the balls.

I didn't give the process much thought and planning. These are just a bit of fun for the night, as fun as the moons dangling from the ceiling should be! I wonder how long they will take to dry?

PS. I've also turned off "word verification" for my blog comments as an experiment. I became annoyed at typing those wiggly words on other people's blogs and I wondered exactly how much spam I'd get without the feature, I mean I can always moderate comments anyway. Let's see what happens.


Kathy said...

I'm so pleased to know that you're feeling better today, Mark! Life is like a very long roller coaster ride. The paste made from flour and water should hold as long as there isn't too much humidity. But, once you paint them humidity shouldn't be a problem. On the few times that I've done something similar I've put some Elmer's Glue (white liquid paste) into the mixture to strengthen the bond and keep it from cracking. You can also use acrylic mediums. You're always doing something interesting and creative.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, Sometimes getting good and messy and just going for an interesting project puts me in a great mood. It will be interesting to see how you finish these two moons!

-Don said...

Oh, fun, fun! Getting messy is what it's all about, my friend. I'm in the middle of a paper mache' mess, as well and having lots of fun with it.

I've used both your method and Kathy's in the past. These days, though, I only use acrylic mediums and gels. In fact, I've created my own mixture of acrylic medium and acrylic gel which works really well for me. I like it really fluid, but with a little bit of body to it. If you use this method be sure to use rubber gloves. Cleanup is MUCH easier and your hands will thank you.


Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks for the comments. Ah Elmer's, we call that PVA here. These don't have to last long, I'll probably throw them away when the exhibition is over! I can imagine that acrylic medium would make the best sense for a durable artwork.

Thanks Peggy, yes! doing something new and fun without pressure is like a breath of fresh air isn't it!?