Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I've had a few days rest and recovery after a lingering but not too deep virus. I'm now busy and afire once more.

Immediate goals for this month are to finish the Garden of Gethsemane painting, the Abandoning a Friend picture, and starting a new one, The Starcrossed Escape which will require a life model for the first time. Painting from a model is one of my 2010 goals, of which I've hardly complete any (and were rather arbitrary anyway). Tomorrow I'm off to collect Remembering Summer from M.O.M.A. Wales.

All of that said I'm now back in the mood for music and find it hard to be enthused by painting. I've and have been listening with glee to early 20th century Viennese music, and Mozart and Bach again, and learning the fugual form. I'm dying to write some original music! Pi earlier this year was a diversion but it was also an unusual experiment. I want to write more new music!

That's all to be said during this update, which is more of a diary entry than a blog or commentary! Schazzaaam!

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