Monday, October 11, 2010

Face Layer Two

Right right right! Back to work. Here are two pictures, before and after.

I needed to darken the face on this because it was too light for the rest of the body. Also a second opaque layer like this helps smooth things which is advantageous when painting a delicate face. The tones/shades are more important than the hues, which here are more brown than the surroundings. Hues are not very important at all compared to tones, and even wildly inventive hues on an underpaintings can still produce "realistic" flesh after a glaze or two. The medium was two parts linseed oil to one part OMS, an ideal medium for work like this. The hair and background are untouched, the difference there being photograph glare.

I spent most of the day relaxing and walking in this most beautiful of sunny days.

This evening I continued the Flatspace II update. As a Scarrid there is an exploitation bug where you can select a target and call for clan assistance, watching the ensuing battle and possibly scooping up the debris, all without incurring danger or penalty. I've addressed this today by adding some random elements. If you are not under attack by your target then you'll be assisted in combat most of the time, but sometimes you'll be exiled and attacked yourself for bringing shame on the clan, and sometimes a clan friend will move towards you to assist but not attack.

I'm behind on my poems too. More to be written later today!


Kathy said...

Good instincts! The painting is much better. One day ... if I'm lucky enough ... I'll see one of your paintings in person. The layers of glazing are so effective for creating depth and opalescence - something that is best discerned in person.

Flatspace II is interesting! Sounds like an anxiety producing experience in insecurity and paranoia. As you can see - I'm no good at these things.

Mark Sheeky said...

The hair doesn't seem to quite fit somehow but we'll see how it comes out.

Luck is surprisingly malliable (hmm, a good title for a painting).

Flatspace II is addictive, and if anything zombifyingly calming. I must stop playing computer games and do something serious instead!