Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Video

I'm still assembling props and working out the visual effects. The hardest parts so far are the cutting open of the peg doll's head and the rain of money.

For the dolls head I've considered many options. It's wood and too tiny to show a rainbow inside, and it would need to change into a full-screen rainbow. In its simplest form a bigger model could be used, made of a soft material that has a pre-drawn rainbow on the inside, but making a large peg model is difficult and the pre-drawn rainbow might now work very well when it comes to enlargement. My current idea will use two models, one life sized and one larger, and use a chroma key or other masking technique to reveal the rainbow and zoom to full screen.

For the rain of money I intend to film falling coins/money and use a chroma key to overlay it into the rainbow scene for a few seconds, then a closer view to reveal more detail, then a different view of the showering man. The problem is that coins fall very quickly, and they are reflective too which may well disrupt the chroma key. I thought of retarding the fall of the coins by dropping them through a viscous transparent liquid (I don't have a high speed camera). I'd do that if I had access to a fish tank. I could slide the coins on glass but they wouldn't flip and turn.

More of the other scenes are worked out mentally, more or less. I'll continue work tomorrow.

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Kathy said...

I'm catching-up with all your activities today. Looks like you've set up a real challenge. The surrealistic plot is very cool ... can't wait to see how you pull it off!