Thursday, January 06, 2011

China Syndrome

I made this video today. I had the idea for this in December but had to wait until I had a screw thread thingummy so I could use my mic stand to hold my camera. That way I could put it overhead. I slowed down the music and drew along to it, then speeded up the video at the end. It was a fun process. It's a bit grainy on YouTube and the details of the drawing get lost a bit but I find it rather enthralling to watch. Essentially, this is an automatic drawing because I didn't really have a plan, except that I wanted to use bright colours and draw along in time with the music. I hope you enjoy watching it.


Andrew Williams said...

Impressive! I'm curious how much you slowed the music down by (or sped up the video) - 2-3 times? More? You're right that the video quality loses some of the details - post a better image of the final result!

-Don said...

Yes, I enjoyed this immensely. This is a great way to incorporate your art forms. More, please.