Friday, January 21, 2011

Nancy Reagan Fell Down And Broke Her Hair

I've been drawing today, for a huge painting about childlessness. Hopefully I can complete it in time for the Chester Open on April the 1st.

I'm being very productive at the moment and have been song writing too. There's a game on Facebook at the moment where people make up fictitious music albums using the Wikipedia Random Article link for the band name, a random quote website for the album title, and a random Flickr pic for the cover. I've been intercepting these made by my friends and intend to write songs for them.

My album was "Gary Dubin - between sanity and madness gotten finer". Don's was "Vile - Depend not on Fortune" - definitely heavy rock for that one! Andrew's was "Chiurutul de Mijloc River - Nancy Reagan fell down and broke her hair". That last one was the first song I've written... here are the lyrics:

Mickey Mouse has lost his teeth.
Nobody has seen Popeye anywhere.
They say Sinbad's now the enemy.
Betty Davis doesn't care.
Vincent Price is laughing loud
while a broken band plays over there.
Nancy Reagan fell down and broke her hair.

Robert Webb has lost his dog,
while Armando plays the flute.
There's a snake escaped in Argos.
Alan Sugar's got a new suit.
The moon has made a sad face
while a broken band plays over there.
Nancy Reagan fell down and broke her hair.


The Lone Ranger's turned to stone.
Uncle Ben's hand has turned to dust.
All the cows on strike have just gone home
'cos there's no one left to trust.
Francis Bacon's making pies
while a broken band plays out of tune.
Nancy Reagan's got to her feet,
picked up her hair,
and left the room.


Andrew Williams said...

...I am speechless, sir.

Mark Sheeky said...

The tune is quite good to this. It starts a bit like Nobody Home from Pink Floyd's Wall, if you know it, although in the (solo) but I want a marching Edinburgh pipe band as in Mull of Kintyre - and the end is screaming like something by the Sex Pistols.

Kathy said...

Far out, man! Of course, all of these references are from my era (the Baby Boom generation) so I can relate. Fun!