Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Sea I Hold

I began painting my landscape today. It's rather boring because it's basically rocks at sunset and many details are lost in twilight. I can see the appeal of portraits. There is a nice little bird in it though which was fun to paint.

The picture shown is from yesterday and called The Sea I Hold, I Hold The Sea, a watercolour. I mixed sepia and winsor (phthalo) green. It's about control (walking on the sea) over (holding it) artistic (clouds of imagination) forces (drama!) Size about 150mm/6 inches square.


Robin said...

I love the title, and seeing the painting... it is a perfect fit. I love the limited palette, it makes me focus more on the elements (sea and sky).

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, I like the mystery of your pieces; the color looks mysterious to me. Sepia and Winsor green work well together!

Mark Sheeky said...

I think those really intense cols always work better when you mix them with a bit of brown.