Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Tunnel

My first painting of 2011 is completed, A Glimpse Inside The Tunnel (29x29 cm) is about being trapped by paralysis. The tunnel is an eye and outer space. As a glimpse into an eye, this could be about psychological paralysis too.

Yesterday I wrote a program to analyse text and work out the frequencies of the first letters of words in English. This was for a party game idea that I wanted to make. The results show that T is by far the most popular first letter for English words, followed by A. E, although very popular in words, is not that special as a first letter.

I had to write a program because I couldn't find the results online so I'll post them here for others to use. I intend to post a more comprehensive analysis on my website. These results used the first chapters of Robinson Crusoe and Brave New World: A=1052, B=421, C=316, D=259, E=218, F=373, G=170, H=486, I=559, J=19, K=40,L=211, M=555, N=210, O=605, P=212, Q=20, R=206, S=663, T=1501, U=112, V=62, W=688, X=2, Y=90, Z=2.


Sheila said...

Zounds! "Z" was only used twice in those two novels?

I find myself responding to the last item I've read not the most important which is how your painting gave me goose pimples [or chicken skin in Pidgin] when I first saw it. Its amazing Mark, congratulation for greeting 2011 with a bang!

-Don said...

You've started the new year with a bang - a great painting and a new program. Outstanding!


Kathy said...

A brilliant painting! Reminds me of Wyeth's "Christina's World" (same theme, too!). What were the two "z" words?

Mark Sheeky said...

The two words were zealous and zero; I only used the first chapters of those novels. I wouldn't have guessed that o words would be more popular than p, but perhaps "of" or "on" were often overtly outed rather than on odd occasions.

I didn't notice the Christina's World similarity but you're right Kathy! I like that painting. I wonder if I borrowed from it accidentally.