Monday, February 07, 2011


Painting again today. The Colours of Cheshire is underpainted and drying quietly. I've been glazing today, The Annunciation, a painting that crosses van Eyck's Annunciation with a Kandinsky (the self-portrait van Eyck tribute bit is shown). It's proving to be very slow work as I focus on minute details. In the eight hours of painting today I've only managed a few square inches. The archangel Gabriel is a glittery flying seahorse about 15mm high and he took about an hour!

I'm having fun though and expect I'll have this finished in a couple more days. I've written a second short story too and found it a bit harder than the first. The trick is to just keep going. By coincidence I've been emailed about three different short story competitions! Looks like I'll have to write a third. This is all good practise for a novel... I've had an idea for one for years now... perhaps 2011 is the year it gets written.

(note to self - I seem to write about future events in present or past tense. This confirms my identity as time lord - many recent TARDIS dreams have been noted)!


-Don said...

This has me excited about what the rest of it will be, oh Time Lord. Great job! (It makes a cool avatar for your facebook page, too.)


Mark Sheeky said...

I like this bit but I'm rather disappointed with the rest of it. I've started to disike my work again and spot nothing but flaws and things to fix - which is probably a good sign! That attitude is the only way to make progress...