Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Quest For Pity

Tha grainy picture is the under-drawing to a painting I'm planning for later in the year called The Quest For Pity On The Road To Self Destruction. I started the drawing last January! But today's work finishes the plan so far. I'll have to glance at it nonchalantly a few times to check it's right but I'm happy with it so far.

The quality of the picture above highlights how hard it is to photograph pencil drawings on paper, especially when over a metre high like this. I've ordered some tracing paper on a roll for this and the other big painting I'm planning. Photographing the tracing will be much easier because I trace with a black pen.

In other news I wrote a song today called Up With The Sun. In mood it's a bit like George Harrison's Here Comes The Sun, but the music is different, a bit like a 70's song called Part of the Union but I can't remember who did that one!

Here are the cheery words to brighten your day!

Come with me and fly.
Come with me and dive in fun.
Up with the sun.

Clouds in orange white.
Push away the night as one.
Up with the Sun.

It's been dark for oh so long
Now at last the sun is strong.

Taste the morning air.
Spring is everywhere begun.
Up with the sun.

Oh my new love see the dawn.
Light is shining and it's warm.

Thought the night would never die.
Now it's over I can fly in sun.

Up with the sun.
Up with the sun.
Up with the...
Up with...

(it repeats and fades...!)


Andrew Williams said...

I now have ELO's "Mr Blue Sky" in my head.

Mark Sheeky said...

It's closer to Carpet of the Sun by Renaissance.