Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Well Well

Not much to say really. Sharmon's blog is about lacking time to blog, and I can sympathise with that.

I've finished this stage of my Annunciation painting. At the last minute I painted a green area red. It's rather dark, being transparent AND over a complimentary colour but the hue balance is much better. I'll add another layer I think, but trying to lighten reds like this is a challenge because they are best glazed over a lighter underpainting (mixing in white always makes ugly pinks). I've also been mixing new media but it's rather rich; 1 part stand oil, 2 parts amber varnish, 3 parts safflower oil. My current one uses more like 9 parts safflower! I need to cut this new one down a bit.

I've got an idea for a short story and have been reading about writing. Learning the "correct" way to do things like this makes the whole thing more daunting. Being aware of what you've done wrong in the past is bound to make you more wary of trying again. The trick is to ignore that and just try. Who cares about mistakes! I'm sure there are better writers than Dan Brown out there who never bothered trying. Dan Brown beats them then. It's better to come last in a race than not have a go.


Dan Kent said...

I really like this - I like the composition and the red (at least the way it shows on my computer screen. It is almost a copper. I have dabbled in writing too - still do - as much as they talk about right brained - left brained, painting and writing feels like two sides of the same coin to me. Creativity, expression. I read one of Dan Brown's books (The Da Vinci Code) and enjoyed it for the plot and the interesting "facts". But not for the writing. I agree with you - he was not a great writer. But it's funny. Just like anything else practice improves one. And later books - who knows? Persistence is everything in most endeavors.

Mark Sheeky said...

Hi Dan, I agree totally. Apart from anything else, a plot/story what the thing is about is THE most important thing in an artwork, for me anyway. You can be more or less skilled in communicating the idea, but the idea is the only important thing. Is any of your writing online?

Robin said...

I also am drawn toward the reddish (copper) color. Your angles and technical skills are truly admirable.