Tuesday, April 19, 2011


An A3 colour study The Quest For Pity On The Road To Self Destruction today. It's quite a horrific picture so far. I had to decide between prettiness or emotional power and I picked the latter. The colours were assisted by Holly by Louis Smith (see http://intherealartworld.blogspot.comfor a pic. Its emotion is rather "Ahhh... pretty!" but nobody could deny its brilliance in execution and imaginitive treatment of the subject. I've drawn out an idea for a quick homage to that painting. This demands a peacock!

Next for me is a truly "Ahhh... pretty!" painting, a plain old silent-film star portrait. I'd like to get the vocals recorded for the songs I started last month too, maybe I could fit those in one week. I was aiming to do them this week but my dull-ears got in the way. They feel clear today, just in time for a doctor's appointment (it's always the way isn't it!?)

Tonight it's the opening of the Grosvenor Open Exhibition in Chester. I'll be there. Now I have free time. I must make the most of the sun today, and indeed the most of any/everything else. Happy painting.

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