Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy Running About

Making badges in the square for Nantwich Festival of Arts today. It was windy, rainy and sunny in equal measure. Next week is busy. I'm probably off to Chester tomorrow to see some giants and some drumming as part of the "Chestival". On Monday I'm delivering a painting to Firenze for display for a week as part of the Nantwich Festival. On Wednesday I'm going to Macclesfield for the reception for the Jobling Gowler competition as well as my art group in the morning (possibly - although I've really no work to do there). On Thursday it's off to Stockport for collection from the Open Art Exhibition. On Friday it's the main set-up for Nantwich, and the opening party events at 7pm. Saturday and Sunday I'll be in residence at the venue, the Wellness centre next to Lamonts in Hospital Street, and I might have to sneak off for half a day to collect a painting from Buxton.

There's no time for creative work this week then although I've got some sound jobs to do, and all I want to do is rest. My antibiotics are making me feel better but my throat is in pain. I'm in fear of ending the course in a day or two and returning to feverishness and weakness and will try my best to get to the doctor on Tuesday for some new treatment. I wish that I was well. I must have aged 3 years in the last 18 months and I've lost so much fitness. However I can be blessed that after so many months of at times a quite terrifying illness the problem is finally obvious.

Next! The Lyceum painting design must get priority. I've got a large backup of paintings to do! The year seems shorter than ever and I'm not getting anything done! The photo is a crow in Buxton, made last Thursday during the drop-off for the Derbyshire Open.


John Salmon said...

Blimey Mark. If you can do all that when you're not feeling well, you'll be leaving a trail of smoke when you do get better.

Your acheivements make mine look quite piddling in comparison.

Have a nice one.

jill said...

How busy are you, sorry I've not been around recently been busy myself unfortunately not in the creative way. I love your last drawing and really hope all this activity brings you success

Mark Sheeky said...

Well doing is simply a matter of making a list and well, doing what's on it! I have my fair share of "nothing" moments.