Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Importance of an Ernest Title

I've been working on music today for a change. My album of songs is on pause while I await a good enough singer, which might include me with lots of practice, but certainly not at this time. I've put topgether a small limited edition CD of my work called The Sky Disc which I'll put on sale at the Nantwich Arts Festival for a small sum to cover costs.

I've written a fun new track this morning called The Melancholy Life Of Victor Hugo. The title was chosen arbitrarily in a flash but it's important to come with something with depth and imagination to inspire the music. As a result I added some Notre Dame bells and elements of confused literacy! For me, the more depth an artwork has the better it is, and the more depth the title has the better. "Untitled" is the worst title an artwork can have! The title is part of the artwork and should be beautiful, evocative, stylish etc. everything a full artwork should be. It's the easiest part of an artwork to do, so why settle for something unexciting, uncreative and unpowerful?

Incidentally the image isn't quite the final disc artwork, which will include the singing credit to Tor James Faulkner for his excellent work on Gunstorm and Semi Automatic Woman!

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