Friday, June 17, 2011

Nantwich Arts Festival Setup

Nantwich Festival of Arts set up was today. There are nine artists in this room. The festival was initially more performance orientated but in the end, the 2D and 3D exhibitions made up the majority of what's going to be on show. There should a fair share of fun activities over the weekend though.

I was provided a space with two boards and a desk. I discovered that the boards were on the floor level, so they needed extra tables! Fortunately we had some. They needed tablecloths, which by chance I had in the shape of polyester silk which I used for my drapery studies. The creases will have to remain as a design feature. I also needed labels for my CD's. The opening is tonight at 7pm.

Last night I went to another art show, the annual end of year show at South Cheshire College. I saw the performing art bit; the dance was best, the music revealed good singers but suffered from a lack of microphone skill, and the drama wasn't very good due to lack of interesting material and, moreso, a lack of stage presence and general confidence from the performers. Perhaps this proves that it's easier to be a singer than an actor. I didn't have time to see much art though, and might take a look during the week.

The new Lyceum picture is now mostly planned. I can't decide between a solid surface (perspex, my new love!) or canvas. I've also been asked to demonstrate how to paint sea on Monday (something I've not really done, I'm tempted to do it to see if I can), and I feel the need to paint something for my art group's annual competition on the theme of "flora and fauna" (really a boring subject; we've had "nature", "self-portraits", "the natural world", "summer days" and "flora and fauna" - perhaps we'll have nature again next year - so lacking in imagination; I by the way, chose the self-portrait theme).

Really, I've not got any creative work done despite all of this busyness. I need a good few days in a row of "nothing" so that I can, at last, paint.

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