Wednesday, June 08, 2011


A busy day. Went to my art group and mostly finished painting by Bird Orbiting A Black Hole, which on its third attempt looks good enough. I was reminded that the Stockport Open delivery date was tomorrow so when I got back I printed the forms and labels, attached the mirror, packaged both paintings up for delivery and checked the train times and prices, printing a map along the way. Then I did the same for the Derbyshire Open, including scanning the painting (shown) which is not completely dry, but will be safe behind glass. Then I completed the Black Hole painting, which needed stars; the signature will wait. Then I updated my website and the artwork listings for the paintings to update their new status. Then I scanned another painting, Romeo and Juliet 2, which is a little too simple for my tastes.

This evening I printed and pressed ten new CD copies of The Sky Disc and revised my strategy for a major sound effects job that is underway at the moment. Now I've got enough time to begin the plans for a new painting, Giant Looking At His Friends The Clouds, which is an idea I had last night while contemplating my loneliness.

This will be painted on acrylic plastic, a surface I'm currently in love with. I have painted on very thin sheets of this before, and on 4mm polystyrene, but this is 4mm acrylic which is more viable now due to the increase in M.D.F. prices and the reduction in plastic prices. Acrylic (also known as Perspex) used to cost ten times the price of wood, now it's about four times, but with the advantage of being cut to size, less preparation work, less weight, ultra smooth, and more stable in the long term.

Off to Stockport tomorrow. Zip zip!


-Don said...

When are you going to get off your lazy duff and get something done?

Just kidding... Sounds like you have been filling your days with lots of creative projects. Remember to stop and rest every now and then.


Robin said...

Wow, totally exhausted keeping track of you, you really have so much going on, all the time.

The painting shown is so interesting to me, I love the way the branch pattern is repeated in the cracks of the face. I am always intrigued by your paintings.

hw (hallie) farber said...

After all this activity, I hope you sleep well. I like the painting.

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks folks. I did sleep well Hallie, for the first time in weeks! I think I'm getting fitter :)

Well spotted Robin... even I didn't notice that one! My unconscious knows what it's doing even if I don't.

Eva said...

As I sit on my lazy bottom and drink from my overflowing pity pot, up pops your blog! My gosh, Mark, send me some of what ever you are using to be so productive!!! My only excuse is I'm probably old enough to be your mother or grandmother and I've spent what energy I had.
Needless to say I love this piece. Dali eat your heart out!

Mark Sheeky said...

Oh Eva! You'd have to be ancient to be my grandmother. It's easy to be productive, you just need to make a list and do what's on it... when not doing... be listing!