Sunday, September 04, 2011


A busy few days darting here and there; the end of the Macclesfield exhibition at Sevens. It was great and I'd like to show there again in future. Thanks to Terry & Beatrice for the opportunity, and to Kath Laird for telling me about the shop. Some comments at the bottom.

I've also cast my reliquary arches using a solid plaster mould. It wasn't ideal but good enough. I've glued the arches on and painted them with my epoxy resin, they're really tough now. Plaster and epoxy are perfect in combination! I use a liquid casting resin by the way, not the tubed glue.

Saturday was etching day and I made a few test etches into aluminium using copper sulphate solution. This worked as well as expected, fizzing the metal away to make a relief. This will be gilded and go on the edge. It sort of goes like sandpaper where the "acid" etches, which makes it good for holding ink for printing. I won't be using it for printing though because I like the look of the plates themselves too much!

Now I'm back to painting and working on some of the many pictures I have in progress. I want to clear my inbox enough so that I can do some music before the end of the year. My album of songs is delayed and will wait, probably years, to be completed, but it will be eventually.

Of the other things that happened last week I saw a television adaptation of Wuthering Heights, my first exposure to the story that I'd been told wasn't very good. How wrong! A brilliant emotional analysis. I am now Heathcliff, of that I'm sure!

Now, some exhibition comments. Thank you to everyone who came to look and to those who took time to comment.


jill said...

Hi Mark, Sorry i have neglected your blog recently, You look like you have been busy. I also saw a television adaptation of Wuthering heights and have now bought the book to read. I will spend a bit more time soon reading my favourite blogs, yours being one of them but i am away for a week on a much needed holiday

Mark Sheeky said...

There's a new Wuthering film out next month. I've started to read the book to my girlfriend but boy it seems to be terribly written! Some of the sentences are half a page long with a comma (or other random punctuation) every three words no matter what! This proves that a good story written awkwardly is always better than a bad story written eloquently.