Friday, November 25, 2011

Birth Of Venus

Here is my latest picture to make the website, Birth of Venus. The original idea came last year, and was inspired by the theme of Liberation for the Sue Ryder, "Art Liberating Lives" event, and art competition which they held two years running, but then stopped, probably because the galley charged a lot compared to anything they made from the auction, anyway, the idea of a woman undressing out of a man's skin came into my head. There are lots of possible interpretations of this simple idea, from revealing the feminine side of a man, to something like an allegory of a divorce, but I think it's about the achievement of independence and nothing to do with gender. The free flying bird in the sky mirrors a bird tattoo, to reinforce this theme.

It's not very large, about 40cm high after I scaled down my original ambitions. Technically there are lots of niggles that annoy me in this painting, the hands are different sizes for a start, and I had to add a glow around the dark bird in the sky to make it more visible, but the flesh is rendered well enough. Here is the face...

This is one that will make me concentrate harder and check things more in future, instead of going with the first drawing! Those that say there are no rights or wrongs in art are wrong. This Venus needs to be beautiful, more beautiful.

Onward to future works with the safe knowledge that things will get better as we learn. I'm still busy with music video work at the moment and from next Friday will add a new video a week to my YouTube Channel.


-Don said...

I get the feeling of that moment just as independence is realized and the fear of the possibilities hits. Cool!

I like your 'live and learn' attitude. That's what keeps us growing - and living.


Mirtes said...

Mark, este trabalho está muito bonito,o corpo da mulher está lindo, a expressão do rosto está lindo, a força da natureza no fundo,o corpo masculino na areia,talves mostrando que há uma certa fragilidade.As cores...Parabéns!!!

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks Don, I think we both have that attitude.

Gracias Mirtes, hay partes de la pintura no estoy contento con el, pero, en general, que será suficiente.