Friday, November 11, 2011

Voila! I've been working on videos this week. I say working, most of the time it's been trying new ideas and hitting brick walls, so I've only finished one and a half videos. Anyway this is the "one", and easiest because it's a remake.

The tune is China Syndrome, and like in the first version I slowed down the music, drew to it, then speeded the video back up again. This time used a special L-shaped arm thing that looked down on my desk, so I could draw and have a good close-up and still use my cheap camera.

The image was filmed from the top, which meant it was upside down, so I flipped it vertically. That's why I look left handed here when actually that's my right hand. I used AVISynth for editing and most of the work, with VirtualDub for previewing, and SUPER for conversion. All free software (although SUPER is annoying adware).

Phew, well it's been an unusual week and sadly one that began with the death of a pet, then the death of a great man from my art group, and ended with the funeral of a dear friend's beloved mother. Those events made me more reflective than sad for myself, but concerned for the sadness of others.

I've also learned how to memorise a pack of cards, thanks to Derren Brown's book. A useless skill, but the book also had in it somewhere... or I felt it somewhen... that people without many friends can seek to impress, and that young magicians and impressionists are particularly prone to this. This thought made me over self-analytical and made me wonder if having my work accepted and lauded would stop me wanting do so much of it and show it so much. There was no conclusion. It's an artists job to create, and one could hardly call Picasso, the most prolific artist in history, lacking in acclaim.

I think part of me would like to give up art, that with money and someone to share it with I wouldn't want or need it. What a horrible thought! I'll never stop!



Mary Paquet said...

NOO. Don't give up the art! I love your recent portrait. Your video synched to music is very interesting. My granddaughter recently used video and art to do a report on women in math. I was fascinated how she drew and wrote words while using her voice-over. Her sister filmed it and then they speeded up the drawing and added voice. They live 30000 miles away, so I didn't get to see the creative process.

Keep up the great work, Mark.

Mary Paquet said...

Oh, and they are a sophomore and senior in high school. The math teacher was blown away when he saw it.

Mark Sheeky said...

Hi Mary, sounds like the same thing I did. Lots of fun! 30,000 miles sounds huge, which goes to show how little I know about the size of the world.

Of course I won't give up art. We're together until I die. That's what artist means, right? :)