Monday, January 02, 2012


Today I added artwork files to all of my downloadable music orders. Each of my mp3 and FLAC format albums now includes large (1536x1536 pixel) artwork, at least one cover image, but usually more like a track listing, credits, other information and artwork to accompany the music.

My latest music project has hit a wall because I'm unhappy with the opening track. I must attack this and complete it soon because I'm entering that dangerous phase of losing interest in it and finding a new interest in painting. If I don't finish this within a week it might take months.

I think the only solution is to write a new track that embodies everything I want to say, but what DO I want to say? Should I start with a standard melody as always? Should I capture a mood? What mood? The lovelessness that is supposed to enrobe the start of the album is inappropriately unbeautiful for an opening. Perhaps longing is inappropriately early. How do you start from nothingness, and yet start impressively, and conclusively, and substantially, and greatly? So many conundra.


-Don said...

That's one great looking piece of cover artwork, Mark.

Isn't the creation of any new thing from nothingness part of the attraction with what we do? Have fun!


Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks Don. I made that in 2002, a few years before I started painting! I'm sure that the essential exploration of the simply "pretty", which I did for a few years, made me want to add more than that, when I eventually took up the brush.