Saturday, June 22, 2013


Well, last weekend a friend said that I should try some tee-shirt designs, so a week later and I've got some. I instantly thought of flat bright screen-prints like I used to wear about 30 years ago, and actually I rather enjoyed coming up with a range. I decided to include text only reluctantly because I wanted something that even people who didn't speak English could enjoy, but found it did improve the message and that the text augmented the image without being necessary to understand it.

Here's the first design:

It's on sale here:

This is so different from my normal art that I decided to use a new brand name, so thought up "Oomazing". I decided to add the Oomazing text to each design too; that was a close decision because a logo can detract from a design, and its tiny details might not print brilliantly, but the logo is attractive and these designs are quite simple so a brand that provides consistent quality will improve their value, and it makes it easier to see and remember who made the design and where to get more like it.

I will release new ones over the coming days/weeks. Who knows if/how they'll be popular, but I hope people like wearing them as much as I enjoyed designing them.

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