Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Music & Video Synchronisation

Spent all day working on how to create a text file like this, various frame numbers of events in a piece of music (accurate to a 44100hz sample!). This was very frustrating as I was 384 mysterious samples out for each note. After working at it for many hours, I just added 384 to everything! Although this isn't ideal, it's probably the best solution anyway, as fixing this big might make my existing music out of time with newer tracks.

These frame numbers make it possible to create perfectly synchronised videos to a particular soundtrack. I used something similar for the Challenger video, which I hope to remaster in HD soon. There's a post about how I made that on here somewhere.

I hope to use this to create more videos soon for Cycles & Shadows. It can be time consuming to synchronise videos exactly, but something like Avisynth and Open Office spreadsheets can be combined to make a text-based animation system!

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