Thursday, March 16, 2006

The strange ivy picture is now drying and waiting for it's first overpainting, I've no idea how that will come out and some parts vary in their blendedness in a strange way that I'm not sure about. Today I've painted my van Gogh panel for the eclectic art starry night project. My original composition for the possible Bromley's picture has failed and needs attention in the tone area before resurrection. In non-painting news I need to announce Future Snooker to the world and get ready to update Flatspace II to v1.01. I've wrote desperately few songs this year but already one or two poems because of my painting fad. Here's one:

Tuna Fishing

Drama and contrast,
fire and pain.
The battle rages.

Hot red and ice.
Wrestlers entwined
in strangulation's constant grip.
A star-crossed ship.
A furies whip.

But here, in the war
intelligence emerges forth.
Blood bubbles,
the water's core.
Spears pierce,
Spanish fish twist.
Here is Dali.

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