Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I've just written a poem so I thought I'd post it. It was partly inspired by the Lost World of Friese-Green BBC program about Britain in 1925, and partly by an old time song from that era.

Happy Land

There's lots and lots of people
smiling all the time.
The trees are made of chocolate,
and rivers flow with wine.

The sun is always shining
but it never gets too hot,
and everybody is content
no matter what they've got.

The days are made of golden skies,
and silver fills each night.
The birds and cats are best of friends
and never ever fight.

Here all the old are happy
and never reminisce,
and all the young exactly like
the world just as it is.

It's good to live in happy land,
this summer paradise.
A place of peace and harmony
where everyone is nice.

It's good to lie here in the gentle
warmth of happy land.
Where every person wins, and cares,
and pain and hate are banned.

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