Friday, March 02, 2007

A painting week is over and a sound effect week (or possibly two) is about to start. This week I have managed one underpainting and two glazings. The first picture was a bit of a failure though and the version drying now will serve as a guide for a newer better version. I'm also full of picture ideas, but am short of them too. It's illogical how sometimes I fear that I've lost the gift of imagination, but I can't think of any artist who ever did. The worst moments are when I have a beautiful half of an idea, from a great start to a song to a wonderful looking part of a picture. Getting stuck with the other half can be painful, each attempt is like running up the same dead end in a maze and smacking into the same old wall. Sometimes the only solution is to ditch the idea no matter how nice, and be sure to do it quickly to avoid mental damage. Another option is to file it and revisit it later. One of my latest melodies, Summersong, had been in that state for over two years before I finally came up with the ending.

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