Friday, March 16, 2007

The underpainting to my picture depicting Sysiphus is now done. This picture is unusual for me in that it's mostly fantastical and many of the elements are just made up or shaded instead of the usual careful planning and assimilation of models and source material that I normally do. Many of the elements too will be drawn wet in wet on upper layers because many of the tiny figures and objects do no suit being outlined and filled. The overpainting will take a long time for this one. On Thursday and Friday I started on another picture, a surreal portrait of Kate Bush as a tree in the mist. This unusual one is very light grey and delicate. The lighter tones are more difficult to make smooth than darker ones in oil paint because there is a big difference in the way the picture looks in strong light and dim light. Another thing done this week is the design of a new carrying rack/case/frame so that I can carry pictures around the streets comfortably. This is made of square aluminium tubes, a round tubes for the handle, a threaded rod (sawn and glued into bolts because bolts of the required length are not manufactured), and some wing nuts.

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