Saturday, August 04, 2007

A mix of work done over the past few days. I've got a few paintings in progress and a few planned too although the season, my busiest ever, is nearly over and the light fading daily. Today I completed the first glaze of a landscape with clouds made of rocks over a desert. Notably there are two large pictures left to paint this year. Five of my paintings are now in the Bickerton exhibition, and having helped to hang it I can confirm that my pictures stand out from the others. If I had the cash I'd buy them myself because I'm sure they will increase in value given my own increase in skill, invention and bravado.

The rest seemed to be standard village fair; animals, flowers, landscapes (but I didn't see the final exhibition). Some were stunningly well painted BUT IF I had learned how to paint for five years and then painted a flower (or kitten or watercolour mountain) then I'd consider those five years wasted. I made an exciting discovery the other day and might have discovered a whole new genre of painting but I'll keep it secret until I can explore it fully. Next week, sound effect work.

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