Friday, August 10, 2007

The underpainting has started to Sunset With Petalliforms, the smaller of the two large pictures I plan to complete this year. A cold turquoise sky is lit by the flaming sun on an adamantine chain while a dead rose stalk rises like an octopus tentacle into a sky with falling petals. Warm meets cold a lot in this picture, the colours of which come from a very vivid and very colourful dream. Every force seems to have an antiforce to balance it. I can't help thinking that gravity must have a larger antigravity force that combats it. Like true antigravity mass would repel mass but not to such an extent to prevent the formation of the delicate gaseous structures of the early Universe, although, depending on the reach of antigravity, this might mean that distant matter would be lost forever at this stage. Gravity uses no energy, it is a spatial distortion of time into space, and I think that dark energy is a spatial distortion of a similar sort and not energetic. All galaxies are parting, so the Universe is called expanding. If this antigravity force exists then the universe on a smaller scale is not expanding at the same rate, for example the arms in galaxies are moving apart from each other more slowly than the galaxies are parting (and the difference can be used to calculate the strength of the antigravity). If antigravity does not exist, then local space is expanding at the same rate as distant space. So, this hypothesis can be tested.

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