Thursday, October 04, 2007

Well, the painting season is nearly over but, of course, plans continue. I've got No Good Ideas to glaze still but the rest are sketches that will either wait for next year, or are things like portraits and other "normal" pictures to be done over the winter as exercises. I'm better at drawing than ever and the last week of practise has helped a lot in this.

I'm submitting pictures for two exhibitions this week; the Three Counties Open and Keele University and the national Chichester Open. Both are juried so there is a bit of luck involved.

The final quarter has started and my plans for the rest of 2007 generally concern sound. More sound effects are due on IndieSFX and I hope to get SFXEngine working on Vista (I've recently discovered that Vista dislikes TextOut on top of DirectX7 DirectDraw objects). The Gunstorm single should be released in November and I want get started on the Spiral Staircase remaster this month. "The Journey" might have to wait until next year. It would be impossible to release it before Christmas and as January is a commercial desert, it makes no sense to do anything on it soon.

I'll also put some of my limited edition prints on eBay over the winter too. I'm confident that these will be worth a fortune one day, but it'll do no harm to have some very small numbers on there if only as a sort of advert.

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