Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well so far I've had a rather rubbish week; stressful because of a new painting for the RBSA portrait competition and I wanted to design something worthy of a contest with only 6 weeks until the deadline. The stress probably contributed to a foot injury that has left me limping and unable to walk any great distance. The steel panel I bought for the portrait is too slick for the primer, and I've spent too much on drawing paper that is too poor quality for my use.

On the plus side I've just read Cennini's fascinating and in parts amusing book. It's made me want to try some glair/oil emulsion recipies. My studies into spike and lavender oil have been revealing too.

Now though, after starting on Sunday with a mere idea sketch, the portrait underdrawing is complete. It's a complex picture, as complex as my Art Of Painting, or something like Leda Atomica by Dali. Four days for such as work is really a record. There are no colour plans or studies yet, which I must do. The underpainting to this great work must begin on Good Friday and may take ten days.

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